About Us

Transformations is the only global peer reviewed journal which brings together the voices of advocates, academics, community members into a dialogue how to create a peaceful world. In this sense,Transformations takes the aspirations of community engaged scholarship, as reflected in journals such as Community Literacy Journal, Reflections, Journal of Ordinary Thought, and turns into a global project.


Transformations works from the premise that everyone has an important world view, that everyone possesses valuable insights and strategies on the most pressing global issues. As such, the journal intends to amplify the too often unheard voices of local change makers who are using non-violent strategies to reinvent public spheres, marked by conflict, into peaceful civic spaces premised on tolerance and inclusion. To this end, the journal will feature the insights of advocates, peacemakers, organizational leaders, and community members who will discuss the implications of their public work. Beyond supporting the work of these communities, these insights will also be used to support academic scholarship to recognize how central concepts such as peace, human rights, and community are being reinvented locally to meet the challenges of the 21st century.