Submission Policy

The editors of Transformations recognize that most “scholarly” journals are not seen as welcoming the voices of public advocates or the insights of the next generation of cultural and social leaders. Too often, “scholarly journals” only support dialogues among university-based researchers, failing to listen or learn from those doing the actual work of change.  As an editorial team, however, we are dedicated to creating a journal where advocate and academic work together to address important issues of peace, conflict transformation, human rights, and social justice. And we welcome not just academic research, but case studies, white papers, interviews, photography, poetry. We want Transformations, that is, to showcase all the ways in which knowledge is produced in the act of creating social and political change.

Please contact us by clicking here. We would be happy to listen to your idea for a possible submission. And we will certainly work with you as your piece develops. Along with the editorial team, we will be sure to read your work seriously, listen deeply to your suggestions, and build a journal which respects those insights. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Submit


Submitted essays should have a cover sheet providing the name and email of the author, as well as a 100 word abstract of the essay. The actual essay should be submitted as a Word.docx, Arial font, Size 11 Pt, double-spaced, with page numbers on the lower right corner. All citations should use Harvard reference style.


Given the file size of audio/film/photography submissions, we ask that you submit a Word document featuring the author’s name and email address in the top left corner. Under the title of the piece (centred on the page), please provide a two-paragraph summary of the project, including a statement on how the pieces support the work of the journal. Place a link to the audio/film submission at the bottom of the page.

Review Process

All materials submitted to Transformations will be initially reviewed by the editorial team. If there is consensus the submitted piece is aligned with the goals of the journal, it will be send out for blind review. The editorial team will then discuss those comments and decide if the piece is “accepted”, “accepted with revisions”, or “declined”. At this point, the author will be notified. If the piece is “accepted” or “accepted with revisions”, the editorial team will then work with the author with the goal of publication. Typical response time for initial review will be two weeks. If the piece is sent out for peer review, the response time will range from five to seven weeks barring unusual or expected circumstances. Authors may contact the editorial team at any point in the submission and review process. Simply use the contact form.