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Spring 2023

Transformation  Volume 1 Issue 1

Initiating Transformation

For its inaugural issue, Transformations intends to focus on those initial moments in which a process towards peace, reconciliation, and community-building is established. What are the first steps that advocates, educators, or organizations need to take to begin rebuilding trust in a community wrecked by violence? What is the process by which individuals find community and a path forward? What are the cultural, social, or communal frameworks which must be in place for such work to succeed? Indeed, how is success determined? And, importantly, what can those undertaking such efforts learn from previous attempts at such work? How can the past be both a lesson and a warning in this current moment? With this issue, the, we hope to create a platform for the advocate to speak with the academic, for the policy makers to engage with the civil disobedience organizer, and for local practitioners to share their insights with a global audience. We hope to create an opening which can lead to sustained dialogue about how to create an ever-expanding universe of those living in peace, cultivating inclusive communities, and building a future that speaks to such values.